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"I have had some experience with professionals photographing my son and havebeen satisfied and happy with the outcome. However, when I had Kelli Martinphotograph my son (and nephews) on two separate occasions during my familysummer vacations, I was in awe at what she was able to capture. She was ableto transcend a simple photo into something that revealed the essence of my son(and nephews) by incorporating different modalities of art. I did not realize howmuch a photograph can communicate, but Kelli is able to say so much about hersubject because she seems so dedicated to whomever she is working with, in themoment. She was patient, gentle, and kind to my son and allowed him the spaceand freedom to be himself and express whatever he was feeling. Everytime Isee pictures of my son (and nehews) that Kelli has taken, I literally have to catchmy breath because she has a captured a moment that I feel like I amexperiencing for the first time. She seems so dedicated to her craft. When shewas with my (and nephews) she seemed so wanting to understand them and bein their world. It was as if she was a gracious visitor, just wanting to know moreabout my son (and nephews), and every move or smile, mischievous stunts myson made she greeted with warmth and openness. My son was so comfortablearound Kelli because she made him feel safe, and I think that comes out in herwork. I truly feel she captured my son and his many spirits in moments that I willalways cherish."